Expanding Horizons Again…and more.

Hi again! Here I am building my new website…again. I started trying to blog maybe around 2007, I think, with the blogging platform which…multipl…ies itself. Sadly, it has come pass, and I am building this one again to be creatively free, rant, talk about anything under the sun, and at the same time, be able to earn I guess. So please help! Hahaha… Again..welcome!

~Le jardinier

Latest Updates

Something Out of a Movie

It’s really a wonder how something comes to pass and magically changes one’s insight of life. Or for the most part, maybe answer some questions pent up from the past and makes us understand that somethings are not just what they seem to be. Very confusing? I guess it is. It may all stem fromContinue reading “Something Out of a Movie”

Introducing Myself Again…

Hi I’m a Filipino based in Rizal Province . I’m currently trying to break into the freelancing scene as an amateur traditional and digital artist wannabe/ hobbyist, an amateur graphic designer, a general virtual assistant, and many more. I am also knowledgeable and experienced in the medical field and the real estate scene, and ofContinue reading “Introducing Myself Again…”

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